Words of Toki Pona

❗ a
interj: ah! ha! oh! ooh! aw! (emotion word)
🦎 akesi
n: non-cute animal, reptile, amphibian, dinosaur, monster
❌ ala
mod: no, not, none, un-
n: nothingness, negation, zero
interj: no!
🏹 alasa
mod: hunting-, -hunting, hunting
n: hunting
vt: to hunt, to forage
♾️ ale (ali)
n: everything, anything, life, the universe
mod: all, every, complete, whole
⬇️ anpa
n: bottom, down, under, below, floor, beneath
mod: low, lower, bottom
vt: lower, down, defeat, overcome
πŸ”€ ante
n: difference
mod: different
cont: otherwise, or else
vt: change, alter, modify
☯️ anu
conj: or
βš“ awen
vi: stay, wait, remain
vt: keep
mod: remaining, stationary, permanent, sedentary
⏩ e
sep: (introduces a direct object)
βž• en
conj: and (used to coordinate head nouns)
πŸ›’ esun
n: market, shop, fair, bazaar, business, transaction
mod: commercial, trade, marketable, for sale, salable, deductible
vt: to buy, to sell, to barter, to swap
🐚 ijo
n: thing, something, stuff, anything, object
mod: of something
vt: objectify
πŸ‘Ž ike
mod: bad, evil, wrong, evil, overly complex, (figuratively) unhealthy
interj: oh dear! woe! alas!
n: negativity, evil, badness
vt: to make bad, to worsen, to have a negative effect upon
vi: to be bad, to suck
βš™οΈ ilo
n: tool, device, machine, thing used for a specific purpose
⏺️ insa
n: inside, inner world, centre, stomach
mod: internal, central
πŸ’© jaki
mod: dirty, gross, filthy
n: dirt, pollution, filth
vt: pollute, dirty
interj: ew! yuck!
πŸ‘€ jan
n: person, people, human, being, somebody, anybody
mod: personal, human, somebody's, of people
vt: personify, humanize, personalize
πŸ’› jelo
mod: yellow, light green
πŸ‘œ jo
vt: have, contain
n: having
kama: receive, get, take, obtain
🐟 kala
n: fish, sea creature
πŸ”ˆ kalama
n: sound, noise, voice
vi: make noise
vt: sound, ring, play (an instrument)
🚢 kama
n: event, happening, chance, arrival, beginning
mod: coming, future
vi: come, become, arrive, happen, pursue actions to arrive to (a certain state), manage to, start to
vt: bring about, summon
🌴 kasi
n: plant, leaf, herb, tree, wood
πŸ’ͺ ken
n: possibility, ability, power to do things, permission
vi: can, is able to, is allowed to, may, is possible
vt: make possible, enable, allow, permit
cont: it is possible that
πŸ”§ kepeken
vt: use
prep: with
🍎 kili
n: fruit, pulpy vegetable, mushroom
❕ kin
mod: also, too, still, really, even, indeed
interj*: really!, truly!, indeed!
cont*: moreover, indeed, in addition
βœ‚οΈ kipisi
n*: section, fragment, slice
vt*: to cut
πŸ’Ž kiwen
n: hard thing, rock, stone, metal, mineral, clay
mod: hard, solid, stone-like, made of stone or metal
🍦 ko
n: semi-solid or squishy substance; clay, dough, glue, paste, powder, gum
vt: to squash, to pulverize
πŸ’¨ kon
n: air, wind, odour, soul
mod: air-like, ethereal, gaseous
🌈 kule
n: color, paint
vt: color, paint
mod: colourful
πŸ‘₯ kulupu
n: group, community, society, company
mod: communal, shared, public, of the society
πŸ‘‚ kute
vt: listen, hear
mod: auditory, hearing
πŸ”Ό la
sep: (between adverb or phrase of context and sentence)
😴 lape
n, vi: sleep, rest
mod: sleeping, of sleep
πŸ”΅ laso
mod: blue, blue-green
😢 lawa
n: head, mind
mod: main, leading, in charge
vt: lead, control, rule, steer
πŸ‘• len
n: clothing, cloth, fabric
❄️ lete
n: cold
mod: cold, uncooked, raw
vt: cool down, chill, freeze
▢️ li
sep: (between any subject except mi and sina and its verb; also used to introduce a new verb for the same subject)
🐭 lili
mod: small, little, young, a bit, short, fes, less
vt: reduce, shorten, shrink, lessen
〰️ linja
n: long, very thin, floppy thing, e.g. string, rope, hair, thread, cord, chain
πŸ“„ lipu
n: flat and bendable thing, e.g. paper, card, ticket
πŸ”΄ loje
mod: red
πŸ“ lon
prep: be located in/at/on
vi: be there, be present, be real/true, exist, be awake
βœ‹ luka
n: hand, arm
mod: five
πŸ‘€ lukin
vt: see, look at, watch, read
vi: look, watch out, pay attention
mod: visual, to seek to, try to, look for
πŸ•³οΈ lupa
n: hole, orifice, window, door
🏝️ ma
n: land, earth, country, (outdoor) area
πŸ‘ͺ mama
n: parent, mother, father
mod: of the parent, parental, maternal, fatherly
πŸ’° mani
n: money, material wealth, currency, dollar, capital
πŸ‘§ meli
n: woman, female, girl, wife, girlfriend
mod: female, feminine, womanly
πŸ‘ˆ mi
n: I, we
mod: my, our
πŸ‘¨ mije
n: man, male, husband, boyfriend
mod: male, masculine, manly
🍽️ moku
n: food, meal
vt: eat, drink, swallow, ingest, consume
πŸ’€ moli
n: death
mod: dead, deadly, fatal
vt: kill
vi: die, be dead
⬅️ monsi
n: back, rear end, butt, behind
mod: back, rear
πŸ‘Ή monsuta
n*: monster, monstrosity, fearful thing, fright, mythical creatures, fear
😹 mu
interj: woof! meow! moo! etc. (cute animal noise)
πŸŒ™ mun
n: moon, night sky object
mod: lunar
πŸ˜ƒ musi
n: fun, playing, game, recreation, art, entertainment
mod: artful, fun, recreational
vi: play, have fun
vt: amuse, entertain
πŸ‘ mute
mod: many, several, very, much, a lot, abundant, numerous, more
n: amount, quantity
vt: make many or much
πŸ§‚ namako
n*: spice, something extra, food additive, accessory
vt*: to spice, to flavor, to decorate
mod*: spicy, piquant
#️⃣ nanpa
n: number
oth: -th (ordinal numbers)
πŸŒ€ nasa
mod: silly, crazy, foolish, drunk, strange, stupid, weird
vt: drive crazy, make weird
πŸ›£οΈ nasin
n: way, manner, custom, road, path, doctrine, system, method
πŸ—» nena
n: bump, hill, mountain, button, nose
πŸ‘‡ ni
mod: this, that
πŸ’¬ nimi
n: word, name
🦡 noka
n: leg, foot
πŸ‘‹ o
sep: O (vocative or imperative)
interj: hey! (calling somebody's attention)
πŸ‘οΈ oko
n: eye
πŸ’• olin
n: love
mod: love
vt: to love (a person)
πŸ‘† ona
n: he, she, it, they
mod: his, her, its, their
πŸ”“ open
vt: open, turn on
πŸ’₯ pakala
n: blunder, accident, mistake, destruction, damage, breaking
vt: screw up, fuck up, botch, ruin, break, hurt, injure, damage, bungle, spoil, ruin
vi: screw up, fall apart, break
interj: damn! fuck!
✊ pali
n: activity, work, deed, project
mod: active, work-related, operating, working
vt: do, make, build, create
vi: act, work, function
πŸ“ palisa
n: long, mostly hard object, e.g. rod, stick, branch
🍞 pan
n: cereal, grain, barley, corn, oat, rice, wheat, bread, pasta
πŸ“€ pana
vt: give, put, send, place, release, emit, cause
n: giving, transfer, exchange
⏹️ pi
sep: of, belonging to
❀️ pilin
n: feelings, emotion, heart
vi: feel
vt: feel, think, sense, touch
⚫ pimeja
mod: black, dark
n: darkness, shadows
vt: darken
🏁 pini
n: end, tip
mod: completed, finished, past, done, ago
vt: finish, close, end, turn off
🐞 pipi
n: bug, insect, spider
↔️ poka
n: side, hip, next to
mod: neighboring
prep: in the accompaniment of, with
πŸ“¦ poki
n: container, box, bowl, cup, glass
πŸ‘ pona
n: good, simplicity, positivity
mod: good, simple, positive, nice, correct, right
interj: great! good! thanks! OK! cool! yay!
vt: improve, fix, repair, make good
πŸ“– pu
n: buying and interacting with the official Toki Pona book
mod: buying and interacting with the official Toki Pona book
vt: to apply (the official Toki Pona book) to…
vi: to buy and to read (the official Toki Pona book)
βš–οΈ sama
mod: same, similar, equal, of equal status or position
prep: like, as, seem
cont: similarly, in the same way that
πŸ”₯ seli
n: fire, warmth, heat
mod: hot, warm, cooked
vt: heat, warm up, cook
πŸ”² selo
n: outside, surface, skin, shell, bark, shape, peel
❓ seme
oth: what, which, wh- (question word)
⬆️ sewi
n: high, up, above, top, over, on
mod: superior, elevated, religious, formal
πŸ‹οΈ sijelo
n: body, physical state
β­• sike
n: circle, wheel, sphere, ball, cycle
mod: round, cyclical
🎁 sin
mod: new, fresh, another, more
vt: renew, renovate, freshen
πŸ‘‰ sina
n: you
mod: your
➑️ sinpin
n: front, chest, torso, wall
πŸ–ΌοΈ sitelen
n: picture, image
vt: draw, write
🧠 sona
n: knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding
vt: know, understand, know how to
vi: know, understand
kama: learn, study
πŸ’ soweli
n: animal, especially land mammal, lovable animal
🐘 suli
mod: big, tall, long, adult, important
vt: enlarge, lengthen
n: size
β˜€οΈ suno
n: sun, light
πŸ›οΈ supa
n: horizontal surface, e.g. furniture, table, chair, pillow, floor
🍭 suwi
n: candy, sweet food
mod: sweet, cute
vt: sweeten
↩️ tan
prep: from, by, because of, since
n: origin, cause
πŸ€” taso
mod: only, sole
conj: but
β†ͺ️ tawa
prep: to, in order to, towards, for, until
n: movement, transportation
mod: moving, mobile
vi: go, leave, walk, travel, move
vt: move, displace
πŸ’§ telo
n: water, liquid, juice, sauce
vt: water, wash with water
⏰ tenpo
n: time, period of time, moment, duration, situation
πŸ—£οΈ toki
n: language, talking, speech, communication
vt: say
vi: talk, chat, communicate
interj: hello! hi!
🏠 tomo
n: indoor constructed space, e.g. house, home, room, building
mod: urban, domestic, household
✌️ tu
mod: two
n: duo, pair
vt: double, separate/cut/divide in two
πŸ† unpa
n: sex, sexuality
mod: erotic, sexual
vt: have sex with, sleep with, fuck
vi: have sex
πŸ‘„ uta
n: mouth
mod: oral
βš”οΈ utala
n: conflict, disharmony, competition, fight, war, battle, attack, blow, argument, physical or verbal violence
vt: hit, strike, attack, compete against
βšͺ walo
mod: white, light (colour)
n: white thing/part, whiteness, lightness
☝️ wan
mod: one, a
n: unit, element, particle, part, piece
vt: unite, make one
πŸ¦… waso
n: bird, winged animal
⚑ wawa
n: energy, strength, power
mod: energetic, strong, fierce, intense, sure, confident
vt: strengthen, energize, empower
πŸ›« weka
mod: away, absent, missing
n: absence
vt: throw away, remove, get rid of
πŸ’­ wile
vt: to want, need, wish, have to, must, will, should
n: desire, need, will
mod: necessary

Words and definitions sourced from jProgr's dictionary.
Emoji according to Sitelen Emoji.